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I. General
Author: Richelmann
Title: Auf einer deutsch-ostafrikanischen Militärstation während des Aufstandes.
Source: Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, Bd. XXIX, Nr. 39, 28.09.1912, 666-668

II. Content
Though probably not an eyewitness, the author provides a detailed account of the military activities at Mahenge station, including its defence against the Maji Maji rebels. As a consequence of the rebellion, he demands stronger fortification of all military installations in German East Africa.

III. Further Remarks
The article includes a rare photo of the Mahenge military station (p. 665).

IV. Index
(Hauptmann) von Hassel - (Hauptmann) Nigmann


Bagamoyo - Iringa - (Militärstation) Mahenge - (Berglande) Upogoro

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