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I. General
Author: Klamroth, M.
Title: Beiträge zum Verständnis der religiösen Vorstellungen der Saramo im Bezirk Daressalam (Deutsch-Ostafrika)
Source: Zeitschrift für Kolonialsprachen 1, 1910/11, 37-70, 118-153, 189-223

II. Content
The text is organized in three parts, of which only the second (page 139-153) and the end of the third (page 219-223) relate events concerning the Maji Maji uprising in German East Africa. The text focuses on the basic religious ideas behind the rebellion and their relation to daily life in Usaramo.

III. Further Remarks
The work of Martin Klamroth, a mission superintendent based in Dar es Salaam, was based on the knowledge he gained from direct contact with the Samaro and on reports from local informants. To prove the correct rendering of these reports, which were written in Kisaramo, Martin Klamroth decided to publish them next to his own translations.
The text does not explicitly describe the aftermath of the uprising; but Martin Klamroth mentions the newly-emerging 'urban proletariat' ("städtische Proletariat", page 197) and 'the now nowhere resident population of porters' ("nirgends mehr fest ansässigen Trägerbevölkerung", page 197). According to him, both were new phenomena that first appeared after the uprising.

IV. Index
Kambagngwa - Kibasila - Kolelo - Mahawa - Mdose - Mlangalugome - Mlamgana - Mlamulali - Mweneinda - Nhumbwa Lugudi - Nyaluvela

Saramo [Zaramo]

Daressalam [Dar es Salaam] - Khutu - Kisangire - Maneromango - (Gebirge) Matumbi - Mfulu - (Fluss) Mkongoroni - (Fluss) Rufiyi [Rufiji] - (Gebirge) Uluguru

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