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I. General
Author: Prüsse, A.
Title: Der Madji-Madji-Aufstand 1905/06
Source: Zwanzig Jahre Ansiedler in Deutsch-Ostafrika, Stuttgart 1929, 94-101

II. Content
Prüsse writes about his adventures as a settler and miner in the colony. Beside anecdotes about his life in the district of Morogoro (voyages, hunting etc.), he talks about his experiences during the Maji Maji rising in 1905. After recording general facts, he tells how he and six other European settlers remained in his house to defend themselves against rebel attacks in September 1905 until German detachments under Fonck and Wangenheim liberated them. He received the information about the struggles in the region from a corporal who took part in the actual military expedition.

III. Further Remarks
Prüsse lived as a settler and miner nearly 20 years in East Africa, from 1895 until World War I. Apart from credible descriptions, his writings often contain rumours and hearsay. He gives his views (i.e., the view of the settlers) about the cause of the uprising.

IV. Index
(Kaufmann) Aimer - (Zauberer) Bokero - (Leutnant) Engelbrecht - (Unteroffizier) Ernst - (Feldwebel) Faupel - (Hauptmann) A. Fonck - (Beamter) O. Garbe - (Jumbe) Kingo - (Bezirkamtmann) A. Lamprecht [Lambrecht] - (Häuptling) Manumbago - Mbago - O. Schwarz - (Bischof) C. Spieß [Spiss] - Volmering - (Hauptmann Freiherr) K. von Wangenheim

Waluguru [Luguru] - Massai [Masai] - Wabunga [Mbunga] - Wasagara [Sagara]

Daressalam [Dar es Salaam] - Kilossa [Kilosa] - Kilwa - Kisakki [Kisaki] - Kondoa - Livale - Luhungo - (Berg) Lupanga - Mahenge - (Berge) Matumbi - (Berge) Mindu - (Steppe) Mkatta - (Stadt, Fluss) Morogoro - Mbapua [Mpwapwa] - (Wasserfälle) Pangani - Rufidji [Rufiji] - Samanga - (Berge, Gebiet) Uluguru - Ukami - (Berge, Gebiet) Vidunda

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