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I. General
Author: Götzen, G. A. von
Title: Der Aufstand im Wachsen
Source: Deutsch-Ostafrika im Aufstand 1905/06, Berlin 1909, 75-103

II. Content
Ex-Governor Graf von Goetzen wrote this book as a private person when his careerended as a result of his role in the Maji Maji rising of 1905-06. Apparently, he had no official documents at his disposal. He often used (sometimes word for word) published sources from newspapers (e. g., from Johannes and Merker) and mission reports. The chapter cited here (p.75-103) is particularly interesting because he wrote it using his personal notes.
He describes the tense situation in the capital Dar es Salaam after the outbreak of the rebellion.

III. Further Remarks
Graf Gustav Adolf von Goetzen (1866-1910) was Governor of German East Africa from 1901 until 1906. He was dismissed for his role before and during the Maji Maji rising. In his book, he tried to justify his work as Governor against his critics.

IV. Index
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