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I. General
Author: Götzen, G. A. von
Title: Ansprache des Gouverneurs von Ostafrika
Source: Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, Bd. XXII, Nr. 47, 25.11.1905, 491

II. Content
The article quotes from a speech by Governor von Götzen on the occasion of the birthday of the German empress in Dar es Salaam. The speech is about the rising and its consequences. Although a difficult time, he praises the "bravery" of the troops against the rebellious "savages". He laments the destruction and killings caused by the rising but stresses that all colonial people have to overcome such dangerous situations. He is confident of re-establishing peace and order. Against the enemies of the colonial politics in Germany he argues that, independent of local financial resources, armed security is necessary against the enemies of German colonial policy.

III. Further Remarks
Governor von Götzen uses the occasion to defend his colonial policy against his enemies. He denies all responsibility for the outbreak of the rising.

IV. Index
(Gouverneur Graf) G. A. von Götzen

Daressalam [Dar es Salaam]

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