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I. General
Author: Tomaschek, H. A.
Title: Der Aufstand in Deutsch-Ostafrika und die Wahehe
Source: Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, Bd. XXII, Nr. 39, 30.09.1905, 410-411

II. Content
Tomaschek does not believe that the rumours concerning the participation of the Hehe in the rising are actually true. He believes that the extension of the uprising will end at the frontiers of the "tribe". After the disastrous uprising under Kwawa in the 1890s, the Hehe were divided into two hostile groups under the chiefs Farhenga and Mtaki who would have betrayed one another. In addition, the groups involved were too weak to undertake a full-scale war. Tomaschek sees the danger that the rebellion could spread from the Ngoni to the Sokiri in the far West. He believes that a renunciation of the hut tax for 1905 would prevent a further spreading of the rising.

III. Further Remarks
Although it does not include important facts about the rising, the essay is an interesting consideration on the history and state of the Hehe and their position towards the rebellion.

IV. Index
(Häuptling) Farhenga - (Sultan) Kiwanga - (Sultan) Merere - (König) Quawa [Mkwawa] - (Häuptling) Mtaki - (Hauptmann) von Prince - E. von Zelewski

Wagogo [Gogo] - Wahehe [Hehe] - Masai - Wangoni [Ngoni] - Sokiri

Iringa - Kilossa [Kilosa] - (Bezirk) Mahenge - Mpapua [Mpwapwa] - (Bezirk) Neu-Langenburg - (Bezirk) Songea - (Landschaft) Uhehe - (Ebene) Ulanga - (Berge) Utschungwe [Uzungwa]

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