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I. General
Author: Trossmann, Simon
Title: Hungersnot in Ungoni
Source: Missionsblätter, Bd. XI, Nr. 8, 05.1907, 114-116

II. Content
This eyewitness report by Father Trossmann focuses on the famine in the Ungoni region, which was caused by both failure to plant crops at the right time and government policy, especially the requisition (Abpressung) of food. Hunger, death, and emigration was the consequence. In his opinion, the mission was confronted with grave problems.

III. Further Remarks
Simon Trossmann was a member of the Benedictine mission society at St. Ottilien.

IV. Index
S. Trossmann

Wangoni [Ngoni]

(Gebiet) Matengo - Peramiho - Ungoni

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