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I. General
Author: Stollowsky, O.
Title: Ein Beitrag zur Vorgeschichte des Aufstandes in Deutsch-Ostafrika im Jahre 1905/06
Source: Die deutschen Kolonien, Bd. XI, 1912, 138-143, 170-173, 204-207, 237-239, 263-266

II. Content
In his article, Otto Stollowsky reports on the immediate situation at the beginning of the Maji Maji uprising at Mohorro in the Rufiyi district. By quoting Götzen and Nigmann he takes issue with the hypothesis that secrecy prevailed among those who instigated the rebellion. The author, who describes himself as a German colonial administriation official, dismisses this assumption by revealing his own experiences. He mentions an atmosphere of unwillingness to work and deliberate provocation of the administration among the subject people. He goes on to describe how, in his subordinate position as 'Bezirksamt-Sekretär', he obtained knowledge of a religious custom known as "dawa" (medicine) and that consequently three people were sent to prison by the administration. Apparently, however, there was a conflict between himself and his superiors, who did not believe his theory of an ongoing conspiracy motivated by the "dawa" custom. He quotes from his diary notes dated 1 to 4 August 1905 in order to provide a more concrete picture of the situation at the outbreak of the uprising.

III. Further Remarks
It is the author's intention to prove that the administration overlooked a number of hints at the forthcoming rebellion. His article is divided into five separate parts. The text is interspersed with racist vocabulary. Stollowsky also named some of his superiors, i.e., Karl Graß who was a 'Bezirksamtmann' in Rufiyi district from 1901 to 1912 and in Kondoa-Irangi district from 1912 to 1916. However, he seems to have had much closer contact with Maximilian Keudel, the 'Bezirksamtmann' of Songea district from 1909 to 1910 and from 1911 to 1912.

IV. Index
(Händler) Abdubhay - (Hauptmann) von Beringe - Bokero - (Händler) Djumba - (Gouverneur) G.A. Graf von Götzen - (Bezirksamtmann) Graß - (Bezirksamts-Sekretär) M. Keudel - Ligitire - (Stabsarzt) Dr. Lott - Nawanga - (Hauptmann) Nigmann - Said Seliman - (Händler) Salehe - (Akida) Sef bin Ameri [Sefu bin Amri] - O. Stollowsky

Kitschi [Kichi] - Wamatumbi [Matumbi] - Wannyamwezi [Nyamwezi] - Wasaramo [Zaramo]

Amani - Kibambawe - Kibatta - Kikale - (Bezirk) Kilwa - Kooni - (Berge) Matumbi - Mohorro [Mohoro] - Ngarambi - Rdundu - (Bezirk) Rufiyi [Rufiji] - Ssamanga [Samanga]

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