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I. General
Author: Merensky, D.
Title: Die Aufstandesbewegung in Deutsch-Ostafrika
Source: Die Evangelischen Missionen, Gütersloh 1906, 1

II. Content
Mission inspector D. Merensky's article illuminates some of the events during the Maji-Maji rebellion in 1905 and 1906. Basing his information on two eyewitness reports, he concluded that the initial cause of the revolt lay in the taxation system and colonial labour policies.
Moreover, he argued that "superstition" was a cause of concern for the missionaries and presumably a contributing factor to the outbreak of the Maji Maji rebellion.

III. Further Remarks
It is not entirely clear whether the author was actually in East Africa at the time of the outbreak of the rebellion.

IV. Index
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