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I. General
Author: Axenfeld, K.
Title: Die Feuerprobe der Berliner Mission im ostafrikanischen Aufstande
Source: Die Evangelischen Missionen, Gütersloh 1907, 132

II. Content
In this article, mission inspector Karl Axenfeld describes the effect of the missionary activities on the "natives". He emphasised the strong bond between the missionaries and certain "faithful natives" in their fight against the "heathen superstition" of water magic.
In his view, working together and thus averting the revolt of the "faithful natives" vividly demonstrated to the government, the Schutztruppe and the missions how the establishment and preservation of peace was accomplished.
Axenfeld welcomed the strengthening of the German authority and supported demands for an increase of colonial troops to serve in East Africa. He also advocated the construction of railways as a means to preserve the "peace".

III. Further Remarks
Mission inspector Axenfeld was one of the most influential spokespersons of the evangelical missions societies at the time and his views carried considerable weight in German public opinion.

IV. Index
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