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I. General
Author: Gröschel, P.
Title: Briefe aus der Aufstandszeit
Source: Zehn Jahre christliche Kulturarbeit in Deutsch-Ostafrika: Dargestellt in Briefen aus den Jahren 1898-1908, Berlin 1911, 141-203

II. Content
After six years of missionary work at Jacobi, the author became involved in the events of the rebellion around Songea.. Gröschel reports how the first news and rumours of war reached Jacobi, how people prepared their self-defence, and finally their flight when the Jacobi Mission was about to be attacked. He describes the attack of 17 September 1905 three days before his family finally fled to Lupembe. His notes contain detailed information about the destruction of the Jacobi Mission and the military action in Songea district when he was in Lupembe.

III. Further Remarks
Gröschel wrote four letters (Nov.& Oct. 1905, April & June 1906) based on his diary notes from May 1905 to May 1906. At one stage, he quotes Sergeant Bach talking about a military operation in which a cave was attacked.

IV. Index
(Hauptmann) Albinus - (Sanitäts-Sergeant) Bach - Bischof von Daressalam - (Pomahäuptling, Ngonihäuptling) Tshabuluma [Chabruma] - (Feldwebel) Franz - (Missionar) Gröschel - (Missionar) Hahn - (Askari) Hamadi kina Milow - (Häuptling) Havanga - (Major) Johannes - (Häuptling) Kiswaga - (Sultan) Kivanga [Kiwanga] - (Hauptmann) von Kleist - (Oberleutnant) Klinghard - (Kingahäuptling) Lupila - (Missionar) Maaß - Malnavala - (Ombadscha) Masadi - (Landeshäuptling) Mbejela [Mbeyala] - (Sanguhäuptling) Melele - Mpangile - (Mundzagila) Mwambango - (Mundzagila) Mwanambale - (Missionar) Neuberg - (Hauptmann) Nigmann - (Benahäuptling) Ngosogosi [Ngozingozi] - (Sergeant) Pietsch - (Unteroffizier) Rhode - (Akide) Sana bin Said - (Häuptling) Setambandu - (Superintendent) Schumann - (Stabsarzt) Wiehe

Vapoma [Mpoma] - Vangoni [Ngoni]

(Fluß) Butonga - Gomine - Iringa - (Mission) Jacobi - (Station) Kidugala - Langenburg - (Fluß) Luhudzi - (Station) Lupembe - Mahenge - Makitu - Maretela - (Station) Milow - (Landschaft) Ndzombe - (Regierungsstation) Ssongea [Songea] - Vupangwa [Upangwa] - Utengule

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