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I. General
Author: Anonymous
Title: Wie 1905 im Matumbi der Aufstand begann. Nach Aufzeichnungen des P. Ambrosius Mayer, O.S.B.
Source: Gott will es!, Nr. 8, 08.1914, 225-233

II. Content
The article describes the origins of the rebellion that began in the Matumbi area. The main section contains quotes from notes made by missionary Ambrosius Mayer, in which he wrote about the "Kürbiskrieg" (pumpkin war) of 1889 caused by the introduction of taxation, as it was told to him by Aballah Mpenza who came from the area.
The report on the events in Matumbi 1905 was probably also based on Mayer´s notes, such as those in his daily diary, as well as other sources not mentioned. These vary from detailed to very general information. Mayer argued that the cause of the rebellion in Matumbi was to be found in a local conflict between Jumbe Temangani and Akide Sef bin Ameri.

III. Further Remarks
Father Ambrosius Mayer worked at Kipatimu station for the Catholic Benedictine mission of St. Ottilien in Germany. He collected information and opinions from the local people concerning the rebellion. The report by Aballah Mpenza was most probably written originally in Kiswahili.

IV. Index
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