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I. General
Author: Weule, K.
Title: ( various pages )
Source: Negerleben in Ostafrika: Ergebnisse einer ethnologischen Forschungsreise, Leipzig 1909 (2. Ed.), 524 Seiten

II. Content
In this book, Karl Weule summarized letters and diary notes of his travel to German East Africa from April 1906 to 1907. His journey began in Dar es Salaam, continued on to Lindi, headed westwards towards Massassi [Masasi], Rewala, and Mahuta, and went finally back to Lindi. Although Maji Maji was not of major interest for his research project, numerous observations throughout the book are connected with the uprising.
Weule recorded the names of people and places involved in the uprising, as well as details of experiences and conversations. The text, for example, reveals the origins of the idea of "magic water", as well as what colonial officials thought about the uprising. Weule further describes the groups that participated in the fighting, where people left their their villages, and where they were caught and executed. Perhaps most importantly, he gives an impression of the tense atmosphere in East Africa at that time.

III. Further Remarks
Karl Weule was professor of Ethnology and early history in Leipzig, travelled to numerous countries, and carried out research on ´native people` and their "customs", languages, histories, and objects of everyday life. He was also interested in discovering the racial characteristics of the different societies. Weule was a loyal follower of the colonial project, believing that his particular duty was to inform the German public about the customs of the "native people" he sought to protect.


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