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I. General
Author: Götzen, G. A. von
Title: Denkschrift des Kaiserlichen Gouverneurs von Deutsch-Ostafrika über die Ursachen des Aufstandes daselbst
Source: Reichstag Anlagen (RTA), 11. Legislaturperiode, 2. Session, 1905/1906, Nr. 194, 1-11

II. Content
The memorandum was written by the Gouverneur of German East Africa, Gustav Adolf von Götzen, and describes the origins of the uprising as they appeared to him in 1905. He gives several reasons for the revolt, including colonial policies and the activities of local religious leaders. As a consequence of the uprising, Gouverneur von Götzen proposed the construction of further railway lines into the interior, an increase in the number of colonial troops serving in German East Africa, and the easing of restrictions regarding the import of spirits and other alcoholic beverages.

III. Further Remarks
The text was originally published as the "Denkschrift über die Ursachen des Aufstandes in Deutsch-Ostafrika 1905" in Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Zeitung, VIII, 9, 3. März 1906, Beiblatt und VIII, 10, 10. März 1906, Beiblatt.
Von Götzen was Governor of German East Africa between 1901 and 1906. The memorandum was addressed to the "Reichstag" (German parliament) and justifies the actions and policies of the local colonial administration. See also G. A. von Götzen, Deutsch-Ostafrika im Aufstand 1905-6, Berlin 1909.

IV. Index
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