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I. General
Author: Kindt, L.
Title: Vom Aufstand in Ostafrika
Source: Koloniale Zeitschrift, Bd. XI, Nr. 25, 07.12.1905, 435-437

II. Content
The author criticises the lack of information from the officials responsible for colonial politics. In his view, the German public was not well informed about the situation in the colonies. He mentions the lack of reports about the non-military fighting personal, especially those he calls 'Ansiedler' (settlers). Furthermore, he complains that the warnings by Africans prior to the outbreak of the uprising were not taken seriously. He also strongly criticises the behaviour of the missionaries during the Maji Maji revolt, commending instead the actions of the German 'Ansiedler' who, in his opinion, had fought bravely.
His article closes with a demand that the government inform the German public of the events in East Africa.

III. Further Remarks
The author's choice of words strongly suggests that he had lived in German East Africa at some point in time. His aversion to missionaries is conspicuous.

IV. Index
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