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About 100 years ago, in late July 1905, the Maji Maji rebellion broke out in the Matumbi Hills in southern Tanzania. It was the greatest challenge German colonial rule ever faced in East Africa, leading to far reaching administrative and political reforms in the colony. But, more importantly, the rebellion and its aftermath represented a crisis of hitherto unknown magnitude for the societies involved. Tens of thousands, more likely hundreds of thousands of people died or were displaced from their places of residence. The ruthless and violent repression of the rebellion changed the historical landscape of southern Tanzania out of recognition. Today, the area devastated during the Maji Maji rebellion constitutes one of the largest wildlife reserves in Africa.

This webpage is meant to be a small contribution to the centenary commemoration of the rebellion in 2005. Its basic aim is to encourage historical research into the origins, expansion, repression and the aftermath of Maji Maji rebellion by providing ready access to a particular type of historical sources - articles published by contemporary observers in German newspapers and journals - which non-German speakers often have great difficulties to locate.

The bibliography project was carried out by a group of dedicated second and third year students - Andreas Bohne, Roman Büttner, Inka Chall, Irit Eguavoen, Sonja Mezger, Stefan Mösch, Gesine Schmid - of the African Studies Department of Humboldt-University at Berlin under the direction of Dr. Jan-Georg Deutsch. Conny Franke, Yvonne Koeppen, Maria Lautenbach, Christin Schauer and Uli Schüler did some preparatory work. The webpage was designed and produced by Inka Chall ( with the help of Andreas Bohne and Sonja Mezger.

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This webpage lists 67 articles in newspapers and journals as well as a limited number of chapters from books [ » Bibliography ]. The main criterion for inclusion was whether the author was a direct observer of the events of 1905-1907. This is certainly not a complete listing, but much care was taken to identify the more important articles out of a total of over two hundred entries. Each of the selected article was read by the students with a view to A) prepare a short annotation of its content [ » Annotations ] and B) to produce an index of the persons, places and groups mentioned in the text [ » Index of Persons, » Index of Places, » Index of Groups ]. One of the main difficulties in setting up the indices was that the spelling of names, persons, and groups in contemporary sources varies greatly between different authors. In order to solve this problem, the spelling in the indeces had to be standardized. John Iliffe's index in A Modern History of Tanganyika (Cambridge 1979) was used here as a guideline. Finally, the articles and the chapters from books were sorted by their authors [ » Bibliography by Author - excluding 'Anonymous' ] and their place of publication [ » Bibliography by Source ]. Please note, that this is a closed webpage. However, in 2004, its contents will be reviewed. Comments and suggestions for further sources are thus highly welcome! [ mailto: ].



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